Crime, Thriller
Available on VOD: 17 mei 2018
Director: Bobby Moresco
Cast: Karl Urban (Star Trek, Thor Ragnarok), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family, Chef), Andy Garcia (The Godfather, The Untouchables, Geostorm)

BENT follows Danny Gallagher (Karl Urban), a discredited narcoticsdetective who, upon his release from prison, makes plans to seekrevenge on the accuser who framed him and killed his partner.Through his quest, Gallagher is forced to confront a ruthless,seductive government agent (Sofi a Vergara), who may or may not beon his side; and his mentor (Andy Garcia), a retired cop who’s fought corruption his entire career.

  • It has strong production values, some pretty decent acting, and good cinematography. It’s nice to see Karl Urban get a leading role!
  • Karl Urban is fun to watch.  The film is loaded with some good performances and direction.
  • Bent is a serviceable, slickly-produced 90s-style detective thriller.