14 november 2019
Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson (Venom, Midway)
Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers, Zoolander, Night at the Museum - Secret of the Tomb)
Jaar: 2017
A Première TV Distribution Release

Collectie: 105 van 153

Lost in London


Woody Harrelson speelt en regisseert zichzelf in Lost in London, een hilarisch hoogstandje dat live werd opgenomen, in één take, en met één camera. Tijdens een – waargebeurd – nachtje stappen rolt Woody van de ene vernedering in de andere en komt hij uitgebreid in aanvaring met de wet. Een heerlijke satire over de tol en vergankelijkheid van de roem.


  • Harrelson pitifully sings the Cheers theme tune to bouncers and, in one of the film's highlights, exchanges insults with Owen Wilson. That kind of desperate, petty humour is the real lifeblood of this misadventure, bringing to mind such directors as Woody Allen.
  •  A strong contender for funniest film of the year, yet so much more than just a comedy, Lost in London is the rare film to live up to its lofty ambitions.
  • Shot in a single take and broadcast live to 500 cinemas, Harrelson’s directorial debut is a unique work that fuses technical wizardry with self-deprecating satire. Harrelson is an affectionate director, finding memorable bits for performers all across the cast list, and his writing is peppered with arresting phrases
  • Rest assured, Lost in London is like nothing else you’ve seen before.DVD-
  • I definitely recommend you check this out, not only for the concept, but also for a decent evening’s entertainment led by a consummate professional, who’s not onlystarring in it, but also wrote, co-produced and directed it.


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