The Puppetman

Available on VOD: 8 februari 2024
Director: Brandon Christensen
Cast: Michael Paré (The Philadelphia Experiment, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Virgin Suicides), Alyson Gorske (Shrinking), Angel Prater

The Puppetman, a convicted killer on death row, always maintained his innocence and that it was an evil force controlling his body as he slaughtered his victims.

Now Michal, the killer's daughter, begins to suspect that there may be some truth to her fathers claim when those around her begin to die in brutal ways.

She must try and break the curse of The Puppetman before all her loved ones are killed.

  • This is very much a horror movie. And a good one at that.
  • The Puppetman will satisfy horror fans with its kills.
  • Great thrills and chills.
  • The horror flicks transition to a “Final Destination” collage of kills possibly guided by fate or some other being. These are bloody, gruesome deaths.
  • Nightmare on Film Street: A supernatural shocker that boasts some of the year’s most brutal moments in horror.
  • Thanks to Gorske Michal’s character development can be properly seen and her transition from vulnerable to creepy is believable.
  • A true horror treat.
  • Christensen’s best film yet, thanks to some genuinely eerie séance sequences and the super-nasty spin it puts on demonic possession. Christensen takes viewers to some dark, twisted places, which is great.
  • It has the potential to pave the way for more films in this subgenre, exploring the depths of fear and psychological terror even further. Overall, The Puppetman is a great horror movie enlisting a new type of evil power to contend with.
  • It's a moody and atmospheric film with several memorable and jolting kills.


Horror, Thriller
Available on VOD: 22 februari 2024
Director: Howard J. Ford
Cast: Ed Westwick (Snatch TV Series, Gossip Girl), Andrew P. Stephen (Wool), Natalya Tsvetkova (Brief Encounters), Lola Wayne (Pandora)

Six innocent victims have been kidnapped and held captive, forced to play out a deadly reality game show on the dark web for the entertainment of the criminal underworld who gamble on the results. It’s not long before viewers worldwide find themselves hooked on this macabre game of life & death.  All of which delights the presenter of the game, a flamboyant psychopath hungry for the fame & attention. 

Portland PD Detective, Ben Jacobs (Ed Westwick), heads up the task force assigned to the case. Events escalate as more & more people tune in on social media, and the stakes are raised even higher.  Jacobs and his team find themselves in a race against time to save the captives.