Available on VOD: 14 maart 2024
Director: Spencer Brown
Cast: Georgina Campbell ( Barbarian, Bird Box Barcelona), Mark Rowley (The Witcher - Blood Origin), Eamon Farren (The Witcher)

Abi and Paul find themselves sharing their state-of-the-art smart home with a Technologically Integrated Manservant.  Not only can T.I.M. cook and clean, he runs a perfect bath, administers heavenly foot massages, and offers impeccable compliments or immaculate words of comfort. Paul begins to suspect that T.I.M. is perhaps focused on attending to Abi’s every need. Just how far is T.I.M. willing to go?

  • A scary glimpse into the future painting a very fast approaching and real reality with frightening consequences.
  • The intriguing premise of T.I.M. explores the nuanced relationships between people and AI.
  • A solid, understated thriller, it’s engaging and uses a classic premise.
  • Uses the unsettling atmosphere created to keep us on edge, giving us another striking warning about A.I. introduced into the world.
  • it does so well and is a worthy entry into the android-run-amok subgenre.
  • a film about the perils of AI couldn’t be more timely.

Bring Him To Me

Action, Crime, Thriller
Available on VOD: 28 maart 2024
Director: Luke Sparke
Cast: Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, Thor - Love and Thunder), Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under, Total Control), Barry Pepper (True Grit, Maze Runner 2 and 3)

Under orders from a ruthless crime boss, a getaway driver must battle his conscience and drive an unsuspecting crew member to an ambush execution. There is a long drive ahead.

  • Pepper and crew treat their characters with depth.
  • Sensational acting by all and the tense script as the drama unfolds in flashbacks where we come to know our main character’s lives, will have you championing for them. An engaging movie well worth the watch!
  • Barry Pepper is fantastic playing a skilled getaway driver and gives a solid performance. Naturally, actor Sam Neill carries an enjoyable presence on screen as a ruthless man keen for revenge.
  • The moral imperative is at the forefront of this film – you do need to look behind the blood and gore for it – and Barry Pepper’s understated performance is perfect for the role. This is a film for action junkies.