Beschikbaar voor VOD: 4 oktober 2016
Regie: Paul Hyett
Cast: Ed Speleers (Downton Abbey, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Eragon), Shauna Macdonald (The Descent, Filth), Holly Weston (Assassin), Sean Pertwee (Gotham)

In deze bloedstollende en claustrofobische horrorthriller tapt regisseur en make-up designer Paul Hyett (The Descent, Da Vinci's Demons) gretig uit het weerwolvenvaatje met sublieme special effects, weerzinwekkende schepsels en, uiteraard, ijzingwekkend gehuil.

Treinconducteur Joe (Ed Speleers – Eragon, Downton Abbey) baalt wanneer hij, na een lange werkdag, ook nog de nachttrein vanuit Londen moet begeleiden. Buiten: slecht weer, volle maan. Binnen: zuipschuiten, clubbers, laatwerkers. Het enige lichtpuntje is zijn collega Ellen, die frisdrank en snacks rondbrengt. Het lijkt een routineuze rit te worden, tot de trein plots krijsend tot stilstand komt in een beboste omgeving. Is het een wanhoopsdaad? Een technisch defect door het grillige weer? Of iets... anders?

Adrian (Elliot Cowan – Da Vinci's Demons), een charismatische, zelfzekere bankier, neemt de passagiers op sleeptouw naar het dichtstbijzijnde station, een paar kilometer verderop. Bad idea. Very bad idea.

  • With HOWL Director Paul Hyett keeps the drama visually interesting and entertaining despite the very contained location of a train – a long sausage of a space to work with. He also absolutely delivers on the key action sequences when the hapless passengers go toe to toe with his creature.
  • a good script, good characters and good monsters. It's well acted and well made.
  • Howl is a brilliant example of how to get a monster movie right. Werewolf movies have been done a million times before, but Howl brings something slightly new to the table. Hardcore werewolf lovers might be upset by Nick Ostler and Mark Huckerby flagrant disregard of the rules set up by other stories, but Howl is the best werewolf horror in years.
  • Like Dog Soldiers, this is more action flick and black comedy than it is straight horror, although it does get shockingly gory at times. The train is well packed with a fun cast of horror movie and public transport archetypes alike, from the slobby drunk to the Carter Burke-like asshole prepared to throw everyone else under the bus (or train) to ensure his own survival. The lively cast and sharp writing make almost everyone seem likeable and sympathetic, allowing us to care whenever one of them is knocked off or ripped up. And oh, what ripping! There's a fantastic level of splatter to the violence, particularly during one climactic encounter with a beast and its terrified would-be victims.
  • A tense game of hunter and prey that chugs along nicely. Howl is a perfectly awesome addition to the British Werewolf film genre. Watch this as soon as you can!
  • even those well-acquainted with the genre should find enough to enjoy in the stylish set-pieces that feature plenty of bloody action.